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Looking at them carefully, both of them looked a little similar with their light, hazel eyes and smiling curved eyes. "Hmmm? Then what about you, Susu? What do you like about Chen Mu?" Ariana asked after seeing Susu space out.


"He wanted his child to have psychic abilities and an animal's unique ability. For instance, if he uses Cheetah, then he would expect the child to have lightning speed running because that's the animal's innate skill." She shook her head and caressed Susu's cheeks to prevent her from doing anything reckless.


Just when she opened her mouth, wanting to flaunt about her design, Susu tilted her head and commented, "By the way, Karen, your taste in clothing hasn't changed at all. But it's the same for other things as well. The design on your outfit was either poorly sketched or the person who produced it is an amateur. The colors do not match, and the designs make people feel dizzy. I suggest that you change this brand or else someone may mistake you for an elder. What's this brand name called?"


Quickly, she switched on the surveillance cameras onto her laptop screen to see if she could track who the person was, "tsk. It's been tampered with." She locked all of her files and placed her computer under locked mode. This means that if anyone other than herself tries to enter the system, her laptop will wipe the entire system clean.


When they reached Susu's room, they were all out of breath. Lin Que's arms were so tired that he felt like he did ten years worth of exercise from dragging the other two with his arms. Susu turned her head towards the door, "what happened?"


"It's an allergy reaction. Lin Que, check the drips and see what type of drugs was injected. We need to figure out which drug it is and clear it from her system. How long has this infusion been going on?" Chen Mu extracted everything that was attached to Susu's arm. Redness, rashes and blisters were starting to form on areas of her arm.

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"Hah! Friendship and business do not mix. And plus, using friendship to gain advantages over business is not something I tolerate. Plus, they said some pretty petty things that got on my nerves. So, why not do them a favor and do as they say?" Chen Ting may seem friendly on the surface, but once angered; he could be as fierce as a dragon's fire breath.


She giggled as she pushed his cheeks inwards and pursed his lips out to make the duck face. Taking her hands in his, he kissed them and said, "Looking extremely well. No itch, pain or any type of discomfort. Your results should look very good today. Your body is in perfect condition to receive the scheduled infusions. Are you ready?" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"I love you so much." Susu looked at him and whispered as she rested her forehead against his forehead. He closed his eyes and savored the moment before responding, "I love you so much too. So much more than I could ever imagine loving someone."


He nodded and thanked her, "Here wifey, give me your hand." His right palm reached out and faced upwards.


The first song that played was Don't Say Goodbye by Laura Oakes. This song was the same one that her grandpa had said her grandma used to love back in their good old days. During these few days, she asked and learned a lot about her grandparents.


She reciprocated the hug and rubbed his back, "What are you talking about? Who wants to break up? I was just about to tell you about my background and what's really been going on with me."


"Of course not! You're always beautiful even when you have a messy bun and nerdy reading glasses." As his body turned around to face her, he felt her soft body holding him close as her hands interlocked at the back of his waist. She looked up while giggling, "I know I'm pretty in your eyes. Pfft. Thanks for the gift."



"What's this?" Lin Que placed the old files in his arms on the desk and picked up the zip lock bag. His eyes glared sharply at Alan, making him shiver in response. "I don't remember receiving or permitting a pill identification exam request for this type of pill. So, exactly what is this for?"



"Wow!!!! I did it!! I actually did it! Woooo!! I'll see if he dares to say that I can't cook anymore after this! Hmph!!" She proudly took pictures of it and sent it to her and Lin Que's parents. Of course, she didn't forget to tell them to keep it a secret from him.


Susu held her tongue and nodded, "alright. Then next time you must answer my questions. I still have a lot of inquiries about design that I need your opinion and guidance.


"Oh? ~ A mini date with you. I'll go across the globe if I had to. Shall we go?" He loosened his arms around her and grabbed the jacket on the bed.

  • She pointed over at Karen and clearly said it once again, "Scram."
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